As part of our activities we perform:

  1. service for CYBELEC control systems
  2. retrofit for control systems – pressbrakes and shears
  3. training of workers
Depending on the complexity of the problem service is available directly on the machine or in our laboratory in Aachen.
The general rules of our modes are:

  1. the shortest possible time of arrival at the customer,
  2. client is not leaving if the problem is not solved

In our work, we always have in mind that the most expensive machine that is not in working condition. For our clients most importance is technician arrival time, his expertise and available spare parts.

Our warehouse is best equipped with spare parts in Europe.

We have:

  1. new control Cybelec as ModEva, DNC 880S, DNC 600, DNC 60, DNC 400
  2. spare parts for control units CYBELEC which are not produced for a number of years.
  3. Cybelec control units- older generation – DNC 90, DNC 1200, DNC 800, DNC 600, DNC 80, DNC 70, DNC 50, DNC 10

Above mentioned enables us to repair equipment at our facility in Aachen, and provide alternative control unit so that the machine will be in working order for the duration of reparations.

Company Coma Balkans independently or in cooperation with staff groups make¬† services in Germany, Finland, the Netherlands, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia , Romania, Greece….

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